After attending a “holistic wellness retreat” for a weekend, where they cleansed their bodies with juices, whole and plant-based foods, my parents decided it was time to start eating healthier. Not used to such a cleanse, they were skeptical about how they felt about the whole weekend at first, but one thing was for sure – they felt like their insides were squeaky clean and they were overall more energized. The feeling was undeniable and I was all for eating better, so ever since (minus our trip to India over the holidays) we have been eating a lot healthier with more nutritious meals.

We haven’t turned vegan, and we’re not on any specific diet, but we’ve certainly cut back our meat, bread, and sugar intake and upped our fruits & veggies (esp. raw), and other whole foods (i.e. whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, etc.). We’re really happy with our decision and my mom and I want to share the recipes that we have made and loved so that we can pass on some of our healthy choices to you. Don’t worry though – healthy doesn’t have to mean boring and bland. We are real foodies so our meals are still creative and delicious – and you’ll come to see this with each new recipe we post. Enjoy!


Sandy & Shivani


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